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Portable Color Doppler System M7

 Portable Color Doppler System M7



l  15 inch medical LCD screen, all round visual angle, environment protection


l  Modern design, light for easy carrying: Only 6.5kgs in net weight, M7 is easy for doctor to carry it out of clinic to visit the patients at home. Ever since healthcare is easy to access now


l  Sophisticated measurement & Calculation formula: 30 kinds of estimated fetal weight (EFW) methods; Hundres of GA tables; 3 kinds of Left Ventrical Volume (EDV, ESV) methods


l  Abundant imaging modes of B, B|B, 4B, B/M, M, CFM, PDI, DPDI, PWD, Duplex, Triplex, HPRF


l  Comprehensive peripheral ports of video, VGA, TV, USB2.0, DICOM3.0


l  12 language, almost a native speaker anywhere in the world


Standard Configuration:
Host 1 unita; Convex probe 1 pc; Linear or Trans-vaginal probe 1 pc
Linear, Trans-vaginal, Micro-convex, Rectal probe; Trolley; Laser Printer; Video Printer
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